10 Tips for Spannabis

Last year I had the pleasure of attending Spannabis in Barcelona - it was UNREAL! It was my first trip to Europe and I couldn’t have gone with a better group of people. I won’t be there this year but I’m seeing a lot of peeps on instagram who are going for the first time, so I thought I’d pass on a few things I learned on my trip! This is absolutely not the end-all-be-all of Spannabis guides, just a few tips to make the most of Barcelona!

  1. Beware of pickpockets. Seriously. This is my only downer piece of advice, but it’s for real. I was warned but didn’t take it that seriously, like a fool.. A fool that had her phone stolen. Don’t keep a damn thing in your jacket pockets and make sure ANYTHING valuable is properly secured in a zippered pocket. Just YouTube “Barcelona Pickpockets” and you’ll see what I mean - they are very skilled, very stealthy ninjas and you won’t even know they jacked your stuff until it’s way too late. Don’t be like me.

  2. Follow the #Spannabis hashtags. This is the best way to see what’s happening in real time. There are many events going on that you will want to pre-plan, but a couple daily scrolls through the hashtags might help you discover some different things you wouldn’t have otherwise known about. It will also show you who else is in the city from around the world - there are SO many cool canna-people making the trek to Spannabis - get in touch & sesh!

  3. Don’t be shy, say high! The best part of any cannabis expo or event is always the PEOPLE, so if you see someone you recognize from the gram, SAY HIGH! If you don’t, you will probably kick yourself later so take a deep breath and just do it. If you don’t know what to say, try “hey, I follow you on instagram & love your page, just wanted to say hi!” It opens up a no-pressure conversation - if it’s awkward you can just dip having said your piece, or maybe they’ll be super cool and you’ll make a new friend! Bonus points if you get a selfie - again, it might feel awkward in the moment, but I bet you’ll be pleased with yourself if you do & will kick yourself later if you don’t. Life is short and this moment won’t come again - go for it!

  4. Check out a “coffee shop”, or ten. They are pretty low key & some are hard to get into it, but there are over 300 “coffee shops” in Barcelona. I use the quotation marks, cuz that’s what they call them but they’re serving up way more than coffee.. The best way to describe these magical establishments is like a cross between a dispensary and a lounge - not only can you buy weed there, you can sit and smoke it too. It’s pretty fantastic. But it’s not entirely legal so please be careful and do your research! Most require paying for a membership & registering with your passport, but it’s so worth it! I’d highly recommend contacting a bunch that you’d like to visit before stopping by, you probably won’t get in if you just show up.

  5. Smoke some European Sativa for me. Seriously. If you’re a Sativa lover like me, you will be in heaven! Of course you will find a full range of hybrids, indicas, concentrates, & edibles too, so don’t worry if that’s not your jam!

  6. Make the most of the expo itself. Many facets of the industry are represented - give yourself lots of time to wander the convention floor and see as much as you can. You will probably get the most out of it if you speak Spanish, but you will still have a good time if you don’t. As with most expos, there is always a ton of cool free swag to pick up & lots of goodies to buy including seeds on seeds on seeds! Bonus: Spannabis is one of the only expos where you can actually smoke on the convention floor - make the most of that shit, fam!

  7. Visit the Cannabis and Hash Museum. This is a great little spot with a ton of artifacts documenting the history of cannabis plus super friendly staff & lots of great photo ops! Check my gallery here to see my visit with @ms_kushtush!

  8. Order a coffee, even if you don’t drink coffee. You have to, just once. Please. You might think you don’t like coffee but it’s different there.. And by different I mean better.

  9. Eat all the food. Be adventurous! Yes, you can go to McDonalds in Barcelona, but WHY!? The food there is so good, even a simple sandwich or piece of pizza from a hole in the wall cafe will be infinitely better than what a comparable place would serve in North America. They use better ingredients and it shows. Try a basic sandwich and tell me it’s not outrageously delicious. The bread, the cheese, it’s all just better there. Fight me.

  10. Go for a walk outside of the tourist area and just soak in Barcelona - the history, the culture, the people, the architecture.. Take some time every day  just breathe it all in. It’s a beautiful city, ENJOY!