Intentions for 2019

This year, the Spring Equinox felt so much like the start of the new year, so the following post by my friend Tabitha really resonated with me & inspired me to make somewhat of a list of “New Year’s Resolutions”


Love that post! I was already starting to feel the spring energy and this was a nice boost and bit of motivation to make my own list. The following aren’t really concrete GOALS, but intentions that set the tone for what I want to accomplish this year.

I’ve never posted photos of my journal before, but it felt like a good first step towards radical honesty - no editing, no censoring, this is just it. I always like getting honest feed back on my writing, but this time in addition to hearing what you think about the content, I’m wondering what you think about the format..

Is my writing too hard to read or do you enjoy the more personal feel? Genuinely wondering what you think about this! Anyways, happy reading & looking forward to chatting with you about it in the comments or DM’s!